Our Solutions

We create Blockchain solutions for businesses.  We are a rare mix of technical expertise, financial literacy, and blockchain savvy.  As subject matter professionals, with combined decades of experience at the highest levels in our fields, we speak your language and we are proficient at finding real-world solutions to complex problems.


Strategic Planning, Blockchain Architecture, Developer Training, Executive Training,

We offer advice on the strategic employment of blockchain technology based on a thorough analysis of your company’s profile whilst drafting along your ideas of development.

We will assess the potential of blockchain technology in your company and discuss possibilities of optimization.

We research, analyze, develop and evaluate blockchain and cryptocurrency related services and we provide long-term support and guidance on related technological and legal matters to our partners around the globe.

We are amongst the first consultants who provide such an extend of services related to Blockchain under one roof. That is the very reason we call ourselves “The Techno Financial Consultants”.  The need to fully understand its potential is also growing.  We are the leading expert in Blockchain technology Consulting.


Smart contracts and blockchain technology are changing business the same way the internet did.  

We have the expertise to help you develop the right smart contract solutions so you can stay ahead of the curve.   Traditional contracts time-consuming, expensive to maintain and often open to interpretation.  

Smart contracts minimize these problems. They are contracts written in computer code and published to a public blockchain network. The result is a smart electronic contract capable of automating, facilitating, executing, and enforcing legal agreements.

What makes them smart is they can be made in seconds, don’t have any layers of costs and bureaucracy, and agreements cannot be tampered with, thanks to the blockchain.

As identities are not broadcasted to the network, two parties from anywhere in the world can instantly create a trusted contract for any commercial or other activity.


Accountants are increasingly using technology to effectively mine databases for valuable management information. 

At FinTech Global Consulting we collaborate with our partners in Artificial Intelligence and software engineering to help our clients analyze big data to make better decisions and strategic business moves.  

In addition, we provide consultancy services to accounting firms who need competent professionals to deliver on their Blockchain services.


We can help build ETH, BTC mining “starter” mines in several popular size specifications, or to whatever custom specs you may require.  ​

If you are just getting started the 3 popular setups for our mining operations are:

  • SMALL – a 4 to 6 GPU mine operating at 100-180 million hashes per second (MH/s)*
  • MEDIUM – an 8 to 12 GPU mine operating at 200-360 MH/s or more
  • LARGE – a 16 to 24 GPU system operating at more than 400-620 MH/s
    (*Based upon using AMD Radeon RX480/570/580 GPUs; Faster GPUs are available at a premium price.)

We configure, order, and install your system, plus set up your ETH, BTC wallet, pool, etc. – everything that’s needed. When we’re done, you will sit back and watch your system run, with a real-time dashboard showing your up-to-the-second accumulation of your favorite cryptocurrency.